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Francesco Faraci establishes Hempath International S.r.l. in Romania in late 2015. He first started growing an interest in Hemp (a variety of Cannabis Sativa) during his studies at UC Berkeley and through his Master in International Development at La Trobe University, Melbourne. The idea to start a hemp business came from having realised hemp sustainable and extensive range of industrial applications. It is believed that from hemp 50,000 different products can be derived that cover indusries from domestic energy to textiles to construction materials to ​cosmetics to medicine to food and more. It is one plant ready to satisfy a large variety of human needs. Hemp is a truly sustainable and economic alternative to the  exploitation of unsustainable resources. It has great phytoremediation properties, requires little water, sequesters large amounts of Co2 and provides the richest source of plant based proteins. ​

Indeed, Francesco became fascinated, more than anything else, with the fine nutrional value of hemp seeds due to their balanced Polyunsaturated Essential Fatty Acids and Proteins content. The opportunity to create naturally healthy food products while promoting the re-emergence of hemp as a sustainbale crop seemed to good a challenge not to be taken up. For these reasons the company's objective is to provide people with the best organic hemp food products all the while contributing to a more sustainable world. Humanity has to regain trust in a plant which has, since the cradle of civilization, been an ally for humanity. Hemp has a major role to play in the making of our modern world. We are here to facilitate this. ​

In hemp we trust.​

Team at Hempath International Srl